Roman and medieval castle walls, Moorish glory, and the Christian Middle Ages 


Only about an hour south of the city, Xativa is a wonderful day trip from Valencia. As the second largest city in Kingdom of Valencia after the Christian re-conquest, it held great early economic and church power and was site where one of the most influential European families, the Borgias, where born.

Leaving Valencia, we pass through orange groves and mountain passes to this hilltop town, protected by the walled fortress originally built the Iberian tribes and Romans. The walls you see today were mostly reconstructed by the Moors and in Christian medieval times, which is when Xativa was most powerful. You climb to the top of Xativa will be rewarded with panoramic views of the medieval rooftops and the village below.

A lunch stop is always scheduled during this tour, so we will recommend for you one of several excellently priced spots with fabulous quality dishes that are typical of this area.

From the watchtower to the medieval quarter to several medieval churches and monasteries, Xativa’s architectural and artistic past help us understand the history and see the glory of a bygone past up close.

*Please note that this tour includes walking and hiking. Please let us know if you have mobility issues, and we would be happy to customize your tour to fit your needs.