VIP Tours


For your business partners, clients, or investors here in Valencia on business, no one can better help you sell Valencia as the best city in Spain to invest in than we can! We are convinced that Valencia is the next hot spot in southern Spain, just on the verge of being discovered, and we are grateful to be here at the right place and the right time. Let us help you treat your foreign partners like royalty here, giving them memorable experiences that will leave long-lasting impressions of you, your company and Valencia, in their minds.

Whether you have a single client or a group, we arrange customized VIP experiences in Valencia and have helped numerous small to big businesses throughout their negotiations with their foreign partners during their stays here. Our knowledge of how the city works and business trends from our research team in the Comunidad Valenciana and Spain, is of great value for any international partnerships. We keep up with Valencian, Spanish and world news on a daily basis and understand the sensitivities of inter-cultural business.

Valencia VIP Tours can include any area of Valencia city or other towns of interest, but each place will include an unique VIP experience that caters only to your VIPs. We offer interpretation services as well throughout this VIP tour that can help your negotiations run smoothly, while giving your VIP the best experience in Valencia.