Valencia Roman History Tour

Roman history at the L’Almoina Museum with Valencia Private Tours

Valencia was ‘founded’ by the Romans in 138 BC as Valentia, deriving from the valiant, brave Roman generals who spent their retirement in this sunny, coastal city. Modern Valencia remains speckled with Roman ruins, from the old Roman Circus in our main shopping thoroughfare, to columns left over from the homes of wealthy merchants, to our wonderfully persevered Roman ruins museum, L’Almoina, located underneath one of our central plazas.

This tour can be done in a half-day, guiding through Valencia’s must-sees with a specific emphasis on the Roman. Entrance to the the ruins museum can be added onto the more general Valencia Full-Day Tour, as well.

If you already know Valencia and love Roman history like I do, then please check out our Sagunto Roman and Jewish History Tour, located just outside of Valencia.