Sagunto Roman & Jewish History Tour

Half-Day to Sagunto or Full-Day Including Cave Boat Tour


Half – Day

Maybe you’ve already seen Valencia, or perhaps you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path. Either way, Sagunto is the perfect day trip from Valencia, only 25 minutes north of the city.

Aside from the impressive hill-top of Roman ruins and spectacular panoramic views of the Valencia region below, we will pass by the Roman Circus remains, stroll the quaint medieval streets of a once large Roman city in a bygone past and visit sites important to the Jewish community such as the Jewish quarter and Rabbi´s cemetery.

We will explore the Santa Maria church, dating back to 1334, which was originally constructed as a Moorish mosque, as well as a medieval mansion that now houses the remains of the Roman Temple of Diana and a Jewish bath or ‘Mikveh’.

There are also two archeological museums with wonderful artifacts that date back to the 4th Century BC Iberians, to the Romans and medieval Jewish and early Christian eras.

On the way to the hilltop fortress, we will pass by the restored Roman theatre, which is still in use today. On top of Sagunto, we see the remains of the forum a Moorish gate, Spanish civil war relics, and an archeological museum with Latin tombstones and even some Hebrew monumental stones from the Jewish quarter.

Full – Day

If you have a full day to explore off the beaten path around Valencia, this tour gives you the opportunity to explore breathtaking Sagunto as well as the prehistoric caves of San Josep in Castellón.

This full day tour gives you a more in-depth look at Sagunto’s history, with time to visit several additional locations like the Roman military side of the fort, the ramparts, and the Via Portico museum.

We will also travel 20 minutes from Sagunto to the province of Castellón, where we will go into pre-historic caves that the longest subterranean river in Europe flows through.

The boat ride and short walk are easy and fun for all ages. We will also visit a small, excavated prehistoric settlement from an Iberian tribe, circa 4th Century BC.

For a well-rounded, complete experience, we highly recommend combining this tour with an orange-picking excursion (when in season).

*Please note that this tour includes rigorous walking along dirt paths and up hills. Please let us know if you have mobility issues, and we would be happy to customize your tour to fit your needs.