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Valencia city and province are becoming popular places to buy property or rent long-term. Our winters are mild, summers not as hot as in most other southern European spots and our over 310 days a year of sun, makes for a wonderful quality of life here. Spain’s health care system is always in the top 10 of yearly reviews and Spain itself, especially Valencia, is a very safe place to live in with statistically 0.0 random violent crime. Not to mention our well-groomed public beaches, urban and natural parks, inexpensive but high-quality restaurants for both food and drink and the fact that despite our regional uniqueness with our Valencian language, we are still real Spain.

Whether you are curious about retiring here, getting a second home here, or re-locating as an ex-pat, join the many clients who get first-hand knowledge before falling into mistakes, traps, and foolish decisions. On this half-day or full-day tour, tailored to what you are looking for, you will learn about the 88 different barrios and 19 different districts in the city or the 266 towns in the province.

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