Horchata-Making Class and Tour


Horchata is a typical Valencian sweet drink made out of the ‘”tiger nut”, a legume grown underground. Containing only water and sugar, horchata is vegan and actually quite healthy, despite the sugar, and it resembles almond milk in texture. The sweet drink is served ice cold, and in the afternoon heat of summer, Valencians crave horchata. We usually have it with a pastry called a ‘farton’ that we dip in our horchata and tides us over until our late dinner time.

Horchata, an original word from Valencia, gives the name to Mexican horchata, but is not the same thing at all. The tiger nut is only cultivated here in Valencia, in our ‘Northern garden region’ of Alboraya and you can have the privileged vantage point of not only trying it but participate in the process at an old ‘Chufa’ or Tiger nut farm in the countryside. This workshop takes about an hour and is best added to a Full-Day Tour.

This workshop is usually an add-on to any of our tours in the Valencian city or excursions to the nearby towns. If you are on a Half-Day Highlights Tour, then we can arrange for you to enjoy horchata and farton in the city, although we won’t be able to fit the horchata-making class into such a short time frame.