Fallas Tour


Fallas, one of Spain’s biggest parties, happens every year in Valencia from March 15 – March 19. There are many different elements of the Fallas festival to experience, both during the festival and year-round. The festival as it is today is rooted in Valencia’s strong religious history, specifically honoring the Virgin of the Desemparados (the Virgin of the Helpless) – the patroness saint of the city – and St. Joseph, but the origins of Fallas date back to pre-Christian pagan times when changes in the earth – like the transition from winter to spring – were revered and celebrated by farmers and country-folk.

From mid-day fireworks – called the Mascletà – that sound like acoustically talented bombs starting from March 1, to midnight and 2:00 am fireworks that display some of the newest pyro-techniques around, it is a loud and exciting affair. During the Ofrenda de flors (the offering of flowers), 130,000 men and women dressed in colorful, traditional Valencia and Spanish medieval attire parade to the Plaza de la Virgen to offer flowers to the Virgin Mary. The city itself becomes a garden, spilling over with beautiful and aromatic flower designs. On the final night of Fallas each year, the city ignites the massive fallas structures (gigantic, often satirical representations of whatever catches the eye of the creators, made entirely of paper-mâché and cardboard).

Fallas is an exciting and hectic time in Valencia, and we know how easy it is to get overwhelmed. If you’re planning your visit to Valencia during Fallas, book a specialized, private Fallas Tour with us to make sure that you see the rich, impressive history of Valencia come to life. We can also book you a privileged balcony spot with drinks to see the Mascelta every day from March 1 – March 19 at 2:00 pm daily.

If you are not here in March but you’re interested in the Fallas experience, this private tour brings you through the Fallas museum and breaks down all the wild, crazy party elements of the festival. For large groups, a Fallas-making workshop can be arranged during this tour.