Alcalá del Júcar

Picturesque mountain village and hilltop castle 


Leave the city behind for a unique, off the beaten path experience in one of the most picturesque villages in Spain. On this tour, we’ll take you on a scenic drive into the mountains and vineyards of the Spanish countryside. Alcalá del Júcar will take you by surprise, with the well preserved, white houses that cascade down mountain cliffs coming into view when you least expect it.

The remarkable village is brimming with rich history and architecture. The castle fortress that looks over the town was originally built by the Moors, though it was reconstructed by the Christians in later centuries. The bridge that crosses the river below is an ancient Roman bridge, and the church of San Andrés dates back to the 16th – 18th centuries.

During this tour, you’ll visit this hilltop castle with panoramic views of the medieval rooftops and river below. You’ll also have an exceptional view of the bullring across the valley, unique because of its precarious location and irregular shape.

We’ll take you through a maze of ancient, naturally formed caves that are carved out the sides of white cliffs, and we’ll enjoy an incredible, traditional lunch from above the village, with views of the town below.

Depending on our time and your preferences, we can also make a stop at the famed, medicinal fountain of Siete Aguas, said to relieve ailments of all kinds (so don’t forget your water bottles!). We are also about to arrange wine tastings, perhaps even at the Bodega Iniesta, a winery owned and operated by legendary Spanish soccer player Andrés Iniesta and his family.